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Supply Chain Manager – Bid Requests

Did you know you can issue all your bid requests through Oilfield HUB?

It is common practice for Producers and EPCs to issue 3 to 5 bid requests by phone or email for each major service type when selecting vendors for their upstream and midstream projects. Oilfield HUB enables buyers to organize, create, preview, and distribute bid requests for individual projects to any number of vendors in one central online location. All incoming responses are all also captured centrally enabling users to review, award and advise successful bidders and notify declined vendors simultaneously.

HUB Benefit

We recognize that wellsite supervisors operating in the field don’t typically hold the same procurement management or sourcing privileges that Head Office personnel enjoy. More and more, Producers want to maintain centralized control of all lists of authorized vendors that can be used on their wellsite projects. Our Oilfield HUB – Preferred Vendor Manager service module delivers on that. Wellsite supervisors also need to quickly add new Energy Services Companies to their approved project vendor lists when entering their daily field costs, without going through the formal process of requesting a new vendor authorization from Head Office. Our Oilfield HUB – Daily Field Reporting service module delivers on that.