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Cost Detail Reporting – Adding Vendors

Did you know you can add companies on the fly
to your Vendor Lists in Oilfield HUB?

When field personnel are reporting their daily costs on various wellsite projects, they’ll likely encounter a field ticket for services, supply, or rentals from an Energy Services Company that is not listed on the associated Vendor List for their project. When this occurs, field users can continue adding these project cost details, and in doing so, they are also adding these companies to their Vendor Lists in Oilfield HUB, on the fly.

HUB Benefit

We recognize that wellsite supervisors operating in the field don’t typically hold the same procurement management or sourcing privileges that Head Office personnel enjoy. More and more, Producers want to maintain centralized control of all lists of authorized vendors that can be used on their wellsite projects. Our Oilfield HUB – Preferred Vendor Manager service module delivers on that. Wellsite supervisors also need to quickly add new Energy Services Companies to their approved project vendor lists when entering their daily field costs, without going through the formal process of requesting a new vendor authorization from Head Office. Our Oilfield HUB – Daily Field Reporting service module delivers on that.

Every supplier that is added to a Vendor List via the Daily Field Reporting service module in Oilfield HUB, is automatically listed on the Producer’s Master Vendor List with an Unqualified Vendor status. This enables the Oilfield HUB users at your company, that are responsible for selecting and vetting service companies to easily identify these newly added ’on the fly’ vendors. They can take immediate action to update these vendor records and associated Vendor Lists, to ensure these Energy Services Companies are put through the appropriate company-defined vendor qualification and certification processes.