Why Us

We Are Oilfield HUB

The oil and gas industry wants and needs a better way to control and lower costs and manage vendors that is simple, but comprehensive.  The industry also wants and needs a streamlined, easy to use, low-cost method of completing daily field reporting.

All businesses, regardless of industry segment need to be able to confirm and validate their own supply chain.  They need to ensure procurement requirements are being met to satisfy their own clients’ needs.

Through the robust Quality Management System offered in the HUB, operations are streamlined and costs reduced through the vetting and optimization of vendor relationships, organization of field projects, and centralization of supply chain procurement activities covering the sourcing of services, suppliers and rentals.  Communications, accountability and auditability are improved between head office, field personnel, and with suppliers, streamlining and taking needless costs out from supply network value chain.

Would your life be better if:

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  • You had a fully populated and customized supplier managed supply network?
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  • You understood exactly what each supplier did for you?
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  • You reduced costs and did more with less people?
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  • You got more value out of your supply chain?
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  • All documentation for all projects was in one place?
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  • You knew your vendors and leveraged their capabilities?
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  • You got the right vendor at the right time?
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  • You were more cost effective in sourcing and estimating?

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